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Last month we asked you to vote on a classic Hollywood favourite film

You chose: Raging Bull

In this acclaimed film, we follow Jake La Motta's journey through life.

This month we would like you to vote on these British comedy series

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BA City Guide: Oakland

If you’re on your way to the sunny city of Oakland in California be sure to check out our ‘Oakland City Guide’, meticulously compiled and researched by Heidi Fuller-Love.

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Mary Beard Podcasts

The Cambridge Classics professor, best-selling author and national treasure, Mary Beard discusses the ‘glass ceiling’, the demise of the formal letter and the purpose of exams in three compelling podcasts.

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April 2018

The New High Life Entertainment

Discover more about your inflight entertainment on board with us We've refreshed our High Life Entertainment pages, making it even easier to browse the wide selection of...

April 2018
Box Sets

Immerse yourself and get caught up with the most talked about series' on television. Everyone has their own way of watching box sets - there are those that like to dabble across...

April 2018
Causing A Scene

One of Hollywood’s most famous rivalries played out on the small-screen....

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